Meet Michelle


Hi, I’m Michelle Triplett, owner of The Wholefood Hub.

As a mum to 3 young children, I love exploring new options and healthy ways to feed and nourish little (and big!) bodies.

My whole food journey began in earnest when I became a mother. Prior to that, like many of us, I was an ‘eat on the run, eat whatever I like’ kind of girl. After the birth of my first child I went to a few talks and seminars on food and additives and really started to develop an interest in food and what we (in particularly my precious newborn!) were consuming.

My interest in wholefoods quickly became a passion as I sought to educate myself on the state of the food industry and the resulting environmental and health impacts. Since then, a big part of my life has been the food that we eat as a family and the manner in which it is prepared – from ingredients, to cooking methods, to flavour and to the kitchen items which complement my style of cooking. I look forward to sharing my findings with you!

I also place a huge importance on keeping it real. Do I cook every night? No, I don’t. I have my work, 3 kids and a house to manage. I’m busy, just like many of us and sometimes I just do not have the time or the inclination! The good news is though, thanks to my research, I now know many ‘tricks’ which I can use to nutritionally boost any meal and I look forward to sharing these tricks with subscribers of The Wholefood Hub.

My path to wholefoods has also led to an interest in sustainability in the kitchen, and being aware and mindful of waste and recycling – knowledge I love sharing with my children and I’m sure you will too.

Everything that I sell in the shop has a place in my kitchen – my family calls my online store Michelle’s Pantry!

I am really excited about expanding the range and bringing you some great bathroom, personal care and other home options which will help reduce toxins in your daily life.

I am a firm believer that you can change you & your family’s health and wellness through what you eat, and what products you use in your home & I hope to help you on your wholefood journey.

Welcome to the hub,