About The Wholefood Hub

Whole food store onlineThe Wholefood Hub is the ‘hub’ for whole foods, and aims to spread the word of unrefined, unprocessed, additive free and organic foods. Assisting people on their whole food journey by making whole foods and organic ingredients more affordable, more accessible and integrated into everyday busy lives through community links and networks, newsletters and recipe sharing.  We are your whole food store online.

With a focus on non-perishable wholefoods and organics the wholefood hub offers :

• Everyday bulk wholefoods and organic pantry items. (ie dried fruit, nuts and seeds, legumes, flours and baking needs).
• These are sold in “bulk” and you can order in specific quantities, ensuring you only have to store and pay for what you need.
• Packaged, branded wholefoods and organic foods.
• All your favourite brands of pantry essentials.
• Sustainable store and kitchen items that support wholefood cooking, a healthy family food culture and support a green and sustainable community.
• Reusable food pouches, wraps and bags, child safe knives, and unbleached baking papers/cupcake/muffin cups. Our range is ever expanding. Products in this range are convenient, simple, fun, make great gifts and are a top starting point for passive change towards a more sustainable lifestyle.